Why Solar

There are many reasons to opt for solar power solutions. Reducing energy costs, reasonable return on investment and environmental sustainability are the most common amongst all. Self-reliance, having your own endless source of power and in some cases potential tax benefits are also key reasons to invest in Solar Power Systems.

Whether your motivation for going Solar are economic, environmental, or personal, we have a list of reasons why this will benefit you and we are certain that many of these will be of interest to you. 

No Electricity Bills for life !

  • Use Solar Energy to offset your electric bills.
  • By producing your own electricity you can offset your electric bills by opting for a Grid-tie or an Off-Grid Solar System.

Safest, guaranteed investment

Compared to other investment options such as Fixed Deposit, Gold, Real Estate, Mutual Fund, solar system provides the safest, guaranteed return – to know how – expand here for explanation


Tax Benefits

  • The government offers Accelerated Depreciation for Solar Power Systems installed by companies.
  • This facility can be used for tax planning for your organization.

Be Self Reliant

  • Reduce your reliance on the electricity grid by producing your own energy.
  • The net-metering and off-grid systems ensure that you are always free of electricity bills, whatever the tariff.

Free, Clean & Endless

  • Solar energy comes from our Sun and does not cost us anything !
  • It is free and inexhaustible !
  • It is the cleanest form of energy and has been utilized by the earth, to sustain life.

Increased property value

  • A Solar Power System has long term economic value and will therefore enhance property value.
  • Covering your rooftop with solar panels will also shade your roof and keep it cool! This will drastically reduce the air conditioning costs of the top floor of the building.



  • Our Solar Power Systems have low maintenance and are extremely reliable and are backed by some of the longest warranties available in the world.
  • Solar panels come with typical manufacturing warranties of up to 10 years and also with performance warranties up to 25 years.
  • Inverters have typical manufacturing warranties of 5 years.