Frequently Asked Questions

On an average, each KW of solar panel can generate 4-5 units per day.

PowerGate has an innovative solution which can help use the solar power generated during power cuts.

Grid-tied systems require minimal maintenance. Typically, keeping the solar panel clean is usually sufficient.

No, electricity grid power is required to synchronize the grid-tied system, which is not available during a power cut.

Yes. We have retrofit solutions that allow you to continue to charge your existing UPS/Inverter batteries.

  1. Sanctioned load for the RR. No.
  2. Average units consumed per month
  3. Clear Roof Area available
  4. Height of the Building

We request you to email us a copy of your latest electricity bill to help us with the estimation.

The maximum solar panel capacity that can be installed varies according to the State. In Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu. It is limited to the sanctioned load for the connection.

Yes, an application to setup a rooftop grid-tied system is required which will by approved by the electricity authority after which the system can be installed. We can provide assistance in obtaining the necessary approvals.