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Solar PV Systems

Grid Tied Systems

What are Grid Tied Systems

A Grid-Tied Solar Power System, also called On-Grid Photovoltaic (PV) System is an autonomous electrical generation system which connects to the mains to feed excess capacity back to the local electrical grid.

When insufficient electricity is available, electricity drawn from the mains grid can make up the shortfall. Conversely when excess electricity is available, it is sent to the mains grid.

The Grid Connected Photovoltaic System comprises of the following items:

  • SPV power source
  • Inverter (PCU)
  • Mounting Structures
  • AC and DC power cables with appropriate connectors
  • Junction Boxes and Combiner Boxes with statutory safety and protection devices  

Government Benefits for Rooftop Grid Tied Systems                

  • Accelerated Depreciation at 40%
  • Exemption from Wheeling and Banking Charges
  • No Corporation or Municipal clearance required for erecting Solar Panels on Roofs
  • State government subsidy in certain States
  • Bank Loans from PSUs like SBI and PNB at reduced interest rates

Off-Grid Systems

What are Off Grid Systems 

The system consists of an array of solar panels, which absorb sunrays to convert them into electricity.  

The number and area of the panels depends on the amount of electricity required to be produced.  

The electricity produced by the panels, is stored in a battery. The inverter then converts the Direct Current (DC), from the battery, into Alternating Current (AC) and delivers it to your home.  

The main components of an Off-Grid Solar Power System are :      

  • Solar Panels    
  • Solar inverter    
  • Charge Controller    
  • Solar cables    
  • Mounting Structure    
  • Battery Bank

Government Benefits 

  • There are, presently, no government benefits / subsidies for off-grid solar systems.

AMC Services

Powergate designs, develops and executes …….

We offer Annual Maintenance Services for your existing Solar Power Plants including      

  • Cleaning of PV Panels    
  • Painting of mounting structures     
  • Maintenance of civil structures    
  • Periodic Maintenance of electrical systems ( BOS )    
  • Parts Replacements and Repair  

Why Us ?

Our focus is customer satisfaction and seamless experience. 

We aim to provide our customers with a pleasant experience, during the course of our engagement  

We have teams, who are trained in attending to the needs of the equipment and in providing a satisfactory interface with our customers